It’s no secret that I do love a good spa, so of course on our recent staycation at Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort it would have been rude not to check out the spa!

The spa is set at the far end of the hotel grounds in a quiet spot, and is surprisingly large and imposing, even from the outside. As soon as you step through those large, heavy doors, you find yourself in an extensive, but tranquil foyer where you’ll find the reception desk and a large array of products for sale among a plethora of flowers set on tables and high ceilings that create a grand feel about the place.

As the therapist walks me through the spa and shows me the facilities, I realise what an incredibly large spa this is indeed. At 2700sqm, I’m not even sure at first if I’ll be able to find my way to where I need to be! But of course that’s all taken care of as the therapist picks you up and drops you off everywhere you need to be and in time for your treatment.

Before your treatment there are of course facilities to make use of – with rain showers, steam room, sauna, hydro pool and plunge pool, but also for something a little different, there’s even a salt room (big enough for one, maybe two people if you know each other) and a rhassoul. The hydro pools were sadly not working when I visited, but even without those this would be without a doubt one of the largest and most comprehensive set of spa facilities that I have seen anywhere in Abu Dhabi.

Salt room

The treatment rooms are plain, but elegant and very comfortable. Both my husband and myself had the Saadiyat Revitalising Massage, and I found the therapists to be very knowledgable, and I felt entirely confident and comfortable that they knew what they were doing. It was also obvious from the way they spoke to us about our individual concerns and how to address those that they did indeed know what they were doing, and were pretty highly trained and well-versed in all things massage and body care. It might sound obvious to point those things out, but in all honesty it is not that often that I come across a massage therapist that is comfortable to speak so confidently about what they are doing and why, and more specifically, able to identify and explain those areas of concern with such detail and precision.

Afterwards, it’s off to the relaxation room for some post treatment tea and, well, relaxation!

Due to the size of the place, it also feels as though you never need see another person there, so if privacy is a big thing for you then that’s a plus point. Though if this is a main concern, it’s worth noting that there’s a couples VIP suite with private steam room and sauna, and also four spa villas outside the main spa building you can rent for your treatments to absolutely guarantee you won’t see another soul.

I found the massage to be very good, one of the best even, and as above, it’s clear that these girls know what they’re doing. The spa is also massive – but it still manages to maintain a very calm and personal feel. So would I go back? I most definitely would, I do like making use of the facilities to help me relax before a treatment and it would be great to get the full use of these when they are fully functional so if this is also a thing for you, I’d call ahead to check everything is working. I wouldn’t say it’s the most strikingly beautiful spa, it’s more of an elegant and understated experience for the most part, but regardless, luxurious it absolutely is.

To find out more visit Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort Spa website.

Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest of the spa but all views are firmly my own.