I’ve talked a lot about the fact that I love living in the UAE, but what exactly is it about the UAE that we love?

Reasons we love the UAE:

  1. The weather – it’s (very nearly) always sunny! The Brits are famed for talking about the weather, but those amongst us now have to find some other small talk to rely on here in the UAE!

    Beautiful weather, beautiful skies, beautiful beaches!

  2. It’s tax free. What’s not to like about that?
  3. It’s in a great location to travel the world from. If you look at a map, it’s slap bang in the middle meaning just about everywhere is in within easy reach of Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  4. The lifestyle – adventure or high end, it’s your choice and it’s all on your doorstep. Ladies who lunch, shopping and spa treatments, luxury meals and hotel stays, quiet beaches, private beaches, beach clubs or dune bashing, desert camping, climbing, water sports, indoor sports and off-roading – there’s something for everyone at both ends of the scale and everything in between. If you’re bored – you’re doing it wrong and you need to get out more.
    Poolside cabanas

    Luxury on your doorstep

    It's all fun and games 'til somebody's axel breaks!

    Adventure on your doorstep!

  5. It’s safe here. The Global Social Progress Index recently ranked the UAE as number one for the lowest level of violent crime and the lowest homicide rate. And if you look at the comparison on safety on their website, when comparing the UAE with the UK and USA, you can clearly see that the UAE wins hands down on safety between the three countries – the only factor being lowest is the ‘perceived level of criminality’. So yes, it’s safe here, but for some reason, people who don’t live here simply perceive it as dangerous.
  6. You meet people from all over the world – it’s a true multicultural melting pot. Of course, if you’ve come from London or New York or somewhere similar you’ll be familiar with the terms ‘multicultural’ and ‘melting pot’ but prepare for your eyes to be opened here in the UAE – and that’s a good thing!
  7. It’s exciting – we are part of a history in the making. Things are constantly changing here… new buildings going up, new places opening…. even the roads can change overnight as the development goes on, but it’s all part of an exciting work in progress, and we’re right in the middle of it, living it as it happens.
  8. The UAE is a very tolerant place. Many different cultures and religions all live here alongside one another and happily co-exist.

    Meet new people, learn about new cultures

  9. The UAE offers fantastic opportunities – not only to save money but to travel, to learn about a new culture and even career opportunities. The UAE is your oyster if you want it to be!
  10. Impossible is nothing here. Think it can’t be done? Or maybe that it shouldn’t be done?! Well think again, the UAE’s imagination and  vision for the future knows no bounds. An indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert? Tick. The world’s tallest building? Tick. If you can dream it, they can make it happen – and are probably already planning it.
  11. Petrol is cheap!
  12. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel as though anything is possible and that you can achieve anything.

Any other thoughts? Is there anything I missed that makes you love the UAE?! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.