Do you know, I had no idea until recently that the Hyatt Capital Gate hotel even had a spa. It’s a little beauty that they’ve been hiding away, but now the secret is out! Actually, turns out the secret was already out, because Rayana Spa won ‘Best Luxury Spa’ in the 2014 World Spa Awards, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Honestly though, I didn’t expect too much from the spa, I mean, I hadn’t heard of it before, so how good could it be?! But I was pleasantly surprised from the word go. The reception area is small but welcoming, though the real luxury begins once you open the door into the main spa area. The whole spa is beautifully lit, providing a soothing essence to the experience.

I really enjoyed the indulgent nature of the treatment rooms. Yes, the spa has a separate changing room area, but the treatment rooms are so spacious and come complete with private bathroom, so I’m not sure why you’d want to use the changing rooms. I suppose if the spa is very busy you might have no choice, but given the option, I’d choose to change and prepare within the treatment room itself where possible.

I suppose it’s a hard thing to explain really – what makes one spa better than another. But for me, I really love a luxury spa. I mean, you can get a massage or a treatment almost anywhere, but what I find makes it special are calming, elegant surroundings where you already feel very spoiled before any treatment even begins. Aside from the fact the five-star spas are built for privacy and to provide a quiet and serene environment, I also love the extras you get at a place like this – a signature tea with a foot rub and wash at the very start sets the tone for the ultimate pampering session and relaxation.

And there’s really something about the atmosphere in this spa, the large, luxury treatment rooms allow an air of exclusivity. With the hotel reception on the 18th floor, and the spa located higher still, there’s already an other worldly feeling about the place – far above the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below, it’s peaceful and calming in itself.

The treatment rooms even have a large, deep spa bath in them! I also found the face support on the massage table at Rayana Spa one of the most comfortable and soft that I’ve come across in a while – there’s nothing worse than having your face pressed into a hard support for an hour or so!

I tried the Swedish Massage and there’s only so much that can be said about this – but as you’d expect from a high-end spa was expertly carried out by a clearly knowledgeable therapist, deftly working her way to release tension from even the most troublesome tight spots.

The Spa menu features a range of massages (including Balinese, a Thai-Aroma Fusion and Mother to Be options), facials, body scrubs, polishes and a number of packages combining several treatments to make the most of the ‘me time’ for those with a couple of hours or more to spare.

For an added bonus, you’ll also find Rayana Spa in The Entertainer for some buy one get one free action!

I do love a good spa and I have a couple of favourites that I visit on rotation to treat myself, though I have no doubt now that the Rayana Spa should be added to this list, not least for the novelty value of taking a peek inside the famous twisty tower of Abu Dhabi!