A photoshoot with Racha Hallak Photography

As a blogger who loves photography, I tend to find myself most frequently behind the camera. I suppose it’s where I’m more comfortable if I’m honest, but since I tend to act as our default family photographer (I always have a camera with me after all!), and having seen some of the photos I have of Mr. and Baby Arabian Notes together, I’ve been wishing I had some good ones with me actually in them! I first came across Racha Hallak Photography via Instagram and I had a look through her work and it just looked very natural and real. She clearly has a talent for capturing genuine moments between people in a very understated way, and I felt that was obvious in her work. 

We arranged to do an outdoor shoot while the weather was good, and met one morning in Khalidiya Park. I didn’t know what to expect and I was really nervous at first, but she put me at ease early on – I felt like I was just chatting away to a friend and before I knew it the time had whizzed past. Racha just gets straight on into it, and because her work is so natural, there’s no posing or adjusting or finding the right angle, she just gets on with it and works around you. In fact, I sat down with Baby Arabian Notes to play and mess around and I hadn’t even noticed that we’d even started! I love the moments that can be captured from this type of photography, and it was just so easy – all we had to do was turn up!

It was very tough to pick, but here’s a few of my favourites from the shoot…

Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 1Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 2Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 3Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 4Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 6Arabian Notes Racha Hallak Photoshoot Jan 2016 7

If you want to find out more about Racha and the great value packages she offers visit her Facebook page, drop her an email at rachahallakphotography@gmail.com or give her a call on 055 865 9653.


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