Odd things I do

We all do strange things… don’t try and tell me you don’t! But recently I have started to become more aware of some of these things and even question as to why I actually do them. I can’t really answer that, but I thought I’d share my observations with you…

  1. I frequently get in a lift, only for someone to get in after me on another floor, then when I get out I say ‘thank you’ to them as I leave. What am I thanking them for?! I don’t even know. It doesn’t make sense. But I just sort of can’t help myself.
  2. Sometimes when I get my nails done, they ask me if it’s ok. Sometimes it’s not, and I tell them so they can fix it. But if they still don’t get it right it just gets embarrassing. So I smile and thank them, pay them and then go home and file my nails just the way I like them myself.
  3. Sometimes I go into a weird autopilot thing when I ask how someone is, only to find myself asking them again after they’ve just finished telling me how they are. Awkward…
  4. I often say sorry when someone bumps into me. Even when it was clearly their fault. I think that’s the British in me.
  5. That thing when you don’t catch someone’s name and it goes on so long it becomes really awkward. I once met a girl at a running club in London and I didn’t catch her name. In fairness, she had one of those Irish names that’s difficult to pronounce, so after the umpteenth time of her repeating it I may just have nodded to show I’d understood. I really hadn’t understood and for the rest of the time we ran together I had to avoid using her name at all costs. Don’t ask me what I stored her number in my phone under. But the worst part was when we ran a 10km race together about six weeks or so later and my Mum had come to watch me. Let’s just say the introductions were very uncomfortable.
  6. Sometimes I feel like my phone is vibrating in my pocket or bag so I have to take a look and check I’m not missing a call – even though I know I don’t have the vibrate setting activated on my phone.
  7. Sometimes I write things on my to do list after I’ve done them, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off the list.

So there you have it, my confessions of strange things I do sometimes. Do you do any of these things? Let me know about the odd things you do!


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  • Ah well – the thing about odd things is that we all do them: thing is, if many of us do the same, then it’s not really odd -is it? Take the name thing, for example: I don’t think I have ever met anyone who hasn’t/doesn’t feel the same or been in the same predicament. The Rev Doc Spooner had it about right; he would approach someone and tell them he remembered their name but had forgotten their face! I can tell you, that ploy nearly always works.
    I suppose what we should all do, next time we are out with someone we know and love, and the conversation flags, is to ask them what they think our oddities/idiosyncracies are; we would probably be surprised.
    What is odd about me? I still believe that somewhere there is an MP who is not trying to rob us blind.
    Your number 1? They can’t have attacked you then. And your number 7? It’s a very efficient way of remembering that we didn’t forget to do something.

    • Wise words Stan, wise words! Still believing there’s an MP out there not trying to rob people blind, ah it would be nice to think so wouldn’t it?!

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