Little did I know when I first started writing these posts that they would grow legs and just keep on going. Thinking there was very little in the way of Natural Skin Care around, the more I looked, the more I found and the more I wrote, and the more time that passed, the more natural skin care products that began to emerge. I’ve mentioned again and again one particular company that I’ve turned to very frequently, and now they’ve recently launched their very own branded line of organic, natural oils, so today this post is all about these, from my much-loved Treehugger Company, based right here in the UAE.

The bottles are made of glass so are recyclable, and the dropper inside is also glass. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this at first, but it actually works well – it means I can get a little or a lot depending on how much I want to use for different purposes.


I tried both the Rosehip Oil and the Argan Oil, and there’s nothing inside either bottle except 100% pure organic oil in each.


Rosehip oil is said to be excellent at fighting ageing as well as reducing scarring and stretch marks while Argan oil offers benefits for hair, nails and skin hydration and anti-ageing.


I’m not a huge fan of the smell of Rosehip oil, though it doesn’t smell unpleasant at all, and it is certainly very hydrating on my skin. I like to use it after a bath to banish any dry bits, and even use it as a night moisturiser for my skin in the evenings before bed. It has to be said, I have felt like my skin has looked good in the mornings, with a certain glow about it.

I’ve tried the Argan oil on my hair, though as much as I love a good natural oil, I’ve never managed to get on particularly well with them on my hair, even when using on wet hair. Much better for me is to use this on my skin, and especially as a hand and nail moisturiser. I have a bit of a bad habit of picking at the skin around my nails, and I’m pleased to say using the oil has helped – any dry bits tend to just peel off themselves reducing the need and the desire to pick, and ultimately make a bit of a mess of my hands…!

If you’ve read these posts before then you’ll know I am a bit of a fan of Treehugger Company so it’s great to see they’re branching out now into their own branded range. As well as this they stock heaps of great natural and organic brands including Faith in Nature, Green People, Four Cow Farm, Dr. Organic, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Weleda and loads more international natural brands that you can’t find anywhere else. You can buy direct from their website, or check out their kiosk in Arabian Center, Dubai.