Hello again! Last time I talked about natural baby body washes and shampoos, and today it’s all about nappy creams, baby moisturisers and oils – all natural and absolutely no nasties in sight. 

Nappy cream is something we’ve not really needed too much of as we’ve been lucky enough so far not to encounter much nappy rash, but I do tend to use it before he goes to bed since that’s the time of day he’ll remain in one nappy for a longer period of time, so it’s more of a preventative thing for us, just to be on the safe side and ensure he stays comfortable overnight.

The two natural nappy creams I have found available locally are Earth Mama Angel Baby and Four Cow Farm. The Four Cow Farm one is quite white in colour but if you don’t use too much it rubs in well and baby’s skin always seems soft and perky afterwards. My only criticism of this one is probably in the packaging – as useful as the pump top seems, I find that it’s difficult to squeeze the right amount out and often end up with too much! Other than that though it’s a lovely gentle cream, rubs in well and has become a firm staple in our house leaving baby’s skin lovely and soft and plump – just as a baby’s bottom should be! 🙂

The Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm is my favourite for on the go, and travelling since it’s such a little compact pot and is so easy to squeeze into a bag that is already cramped full of baby paraphernalia! The cream is transparent in colour and smells pleasant, very natural and ‘herbally’. I’ve been switching between using this and the Four Cow Farm one and I like them both. The Four Cow Farm nappy cream is perfect for the changing table and I prefer the Earth Mama Angel Baby to slip into a bag and carry with you.
I bought the Four Cow Farm nappy cream from Holland and Barrett in Dalma Mall and the Earth Mama Angel Baby from Treehugger.

Jax virgin coconut oil

Jax Virgin Coconut Oil

But with that said – as far as nappy creams go you can always use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and anyone who knows me will already know I’m a bit of a fan of coconut oil! You can be 100% sure that there’s absolutely nothing else in it – it’s even good enough to eat and cook with yourself! We have found coconut oil to be fantastic as a nappy barrier cream – as above, we haven’t had any problems with nappy rash but it is still useful as a preventative measure, and it also makes cleaning up sticky poops much easier too since the oil allows everything on the skin to wipe off super easily (which also saves you on wipes!).
I’m a big fan of coconut oil (did I say that already?!) as it can be used for everything and anything, and the benefits of the stuff are unbelievable! Baby got some dry skin? Put a little coconut oil on it. Want to do baby massage? Use coconut oil. Need a solution for cradle cap without the chemicals? Coconut oil will do it! You name it, coconut oil will probably do it – I reckon it’s the WD40 of the natural world! 🙂 I bought the Jax Virgin Coconut Oil in the picture from Holland and Barrett UAE but you can get it all over the place now – often even Lulu and Carrefour have it in their organic sections.

If you’re interested in the benefits of coconut oil for babies and adults, there’s even entire websites devoted to extolling the virtues of the stuff. And if you want to find out more about the research of the coconutty stuff that shows how it kills bacteria, viruses, protects against osteoporosis, cancers and just so much more, have a look at the Coconut Research Center for more info (it’ll blow your mind what coconut oil can do)!

Now for the natural oils and moisturisers, and my absolute favourite are the Earth Mama Angel Baby ones… Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find the mini travel sizes of these here in Abu Dhabi so far, but with all the travel we’ve been doing lately that has worked out well for us! I just love these products so much though I’d really love to find the full size products.

The moisturiser feels thick and luscious and leaves baby’s very dry skin really plump and perfectly moist but without any residue, and the oil just seems to melt into the skin. They’re really gorgeous products all round. Again, these mini ones are available from Treehugger as part of a gift set, online.

So Baby Arabian Notes may not suffer nappy rash, but he does have very dry skin, and in my search to find another natural baby oil I came across the baby oil from the Four Cow Farm range.  We use an oil on Baby’s skin after his bath and found that this one goes on well, but it does feel quite thin and needs to be rubbed in well to absorb into the skin. It does the job though and although it looks like a little bottle that would run out quickly, it seems to be the Mary Poppins handbag of baby oils and the oil just keeps on coming out…! Four Cow Farm is available all over the place here now – Treehugger, Holland and Barrett and online at Mumzworld to name just a few places you can find it.

In some of my previous posts about natural skin care I’ve gone on about the British natural brand, Green People – they are fast becoming one of my new favourite natural brands, and now their 100% certified organic Organic Babies soothing baby oil can also be purchased from Treehugger, hurrah!

The oil feels lovely – it’s thick, luscious and absorbs so well into the skin, it just melts right in. And because of its consistency a very small amount really does go a very long way! I really noticed a visible difference in the texture of the skin and any dry patches even after the first time we used it. It’s even suitable for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis.

Earth Friendly Baby is the final lotion I’ve been trying out and at first I just wasn’t really a fan of this one. It feels quite thin and watery, and it just didn’t seem to absorb well. In fact, after giving it a few chances I found this wasn’t really the case at all. It does feel very slippery and watery on application, but it does absorb well, and leaves the skin surprisingly moist and smooth. I’ve actually been using this one on my own skin lately too – I have really dry skin that normally only responds well to oils, but I was surprised how smooth and plump my skin felt afterwards, so despite my initial reservations, I think this one might just be a keeper.

Do you know of any more that I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments!