I’ve always struggled with the frizzies and fluffies when it comes to my hair and wet or humid weather conditions, so I recently decided that it was time to try a Keratin hair treatment to see for myself what all the fuss is about. I know it’s hardly a new thing on the scene, but it’s only recently, after years of trying every serum and straightening treatment going that I finally decided to give it a go. Well, let’s face it – it gets pretty humid here in the UAE and after the best part of nine years having lived in these parts, I decided it was about time to see if it worked.

This is my normal hair with lots of serum, blow dried and straightened before the treatment...

This is my normal hair with lots of serum and a blow dry before the Keratin treatment…

So in the middle of hot, sticky, humid July, I went along to the hairdressers to get it done. I was pretty excited about it all, and dreams of perfect, non-frizzy, smooth, low maintenance hair spurred me on. I was a bit surprised at the initial level of commitment – it all depends on the length of your hair, but as someone with long hair, well past shoulder length the whole treatment seemed to take ages, it must have been easily the best part of two hours that I was in the salon. But the long wait was quickly forgotten after the treatment was completed and my hair had been straightened to help seal the keratin in – I couldn’t believe how smooth and straight my hair was! I left the salon with strict instruction not to wash my hair for three days, and then to blow dry and straighten it again, as well as to straighten it in the days before I washed it, all to help seal the keratin in and make it last as long as possible.

Though I was pleased with how my hair looked, it did feel like quite a long three days before I was able to wash it again… And towards the end, my hair started to feel sticky so I was very pleased when the third day rolled around. I wasn’t sure what to expect post-wash and was half expecting the frizzies to rear their ugly head again or that I wouldn’t be able to style it as nicely as it had been done in the hairdressers (an eternal problem) but I was amazed – after a good wash and a (very) rough blow dry at home my hair looked salon perfect… Straight, smooth and absolutely no frizzies at all, and all without the need for any styling product at all!

Keratin Treatment Tara Rose Beauty Arabian Notes

Post first wash, smooth and silky hair!

It’s supposed to last around two to three months, depending on your hair type and I’ve been quite impressed how long it has lasted. I’ve found the results aren’t quite as amazing if I let my hair dry naturally, best results are with a rough blow dry, but for super smooth and silky hair I can live with that, and even with hair as long as mine a rough blow dry doesn’t take too long (though even that is hard to fit in at times with the baby on my hands!). I was lucky in that I took advantage of a summer deal to try it out so it was a bit of a bargain. I wasn’t sure at the time if I’d be prepared to pay full price for it to keep it up when it wears off, but overall found it’s made a big difference to my hair and for once I’ve actually spent most of the summer able to wear my hair down without the threat of the fluffies looming, despite the humidity!

And, the picture below was taken eight weeks after the treatment and whilst it’s not quite as sleek and smooth as it was in the beginning, my hair is still far less wild and fluffy than it would be without the treatment. The natural wave is showing through again but it’s still surprisingly smooth!

8 weeks post Keratin hair treatment with just a little hair serum and a rough blow dry

8 weeks post Keratin hair treatment with just a little hair serum and a rough blow dry

I had the treatment done at Tara Rose Hair and Beauty, my favourite and most trusted salon in the city!