In Pictures: 10 Years in the UAE

Dubai city skyline from Jumeirah beach, Nov 2006

On this very day 10 years ago, after having packed up my life, sold some of my things, sent even more to the charity shop and boxed the remainder up for storage at my parents house, I was finally about to board a plane to start a new job and a new life in Dubai…

10 years… I can hardly believe it’s really been 10 years since I waved goodbye to everything I knew and left the UK. So as a bit of a celebration and a trip down memory lane, here’s a few pictorial highlights of my adventures in the UAE over those last 10 years…

Hover over the images to see the date and comments, and click the gallery to see the full size images.

As for what’s next, who knows… But here’s to the next 10 years…!



  • I had no idea you had been in the UAE for so long. When you moved there, did you have any idea you would be? I certainly never could have predicted I would have been here in Korea for five years. I had only planned to stay for a year and then, I wanted to go Oman. I still desire to live and work in the Middle East, there or the UAE.

    • I don’t think I had any plan when I first moved out here other than to see what happened. I guess I maybe thought it would only be for a few years – and we did actually leave for 18 months after four years to move to Australia to be near my husband’s family and settle down, but it became clear pretty quickly that wasn’t for us and that we missed the life in the UAE too much! Coming back to the country for the second time put things into perspective with realising how lucky we were to have these opportunities, and never say never, but in coming back we have always planned to be back for the long haul.

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