My husband loves a good pair of cufflinks, and I always think a good set make a nice gift, so when I came across Abu Dhabi based Impress Me Jewellery with their hand and footprint designs at the Ripe Market last season, I knew this was the perfect keepsake after the birth of Baby Arabian Notes. The company is run by two lovely ladies, Tonya and Hannah, who design and create bespoke silver jewellery and keepsakes, personally working on the pieces from start to finish.

In order to keep it a secret from Mr. Arabian Notes, I sneakily arranged to have the handprints taken when he was out at work during the week. I didn’t really understand the process, and thought it might be messy trying to get a seven month old to sit and take handprints, but it all went surprisingly smoothly…
And of course the ladies are pros at this since they’ve been doing it for two years now. 🙂

First of all baby’s hands are wiped with a wet wipe to clean them, then they are carefully placed onto a special sheet of paper that records the imprint.

And that’s it! No mess, no fuss! I was even impressed at how well Baby behaved (especially given it was time for his morning nap), but I think he quite enjoyed his surprise morning art project!

Impress Me jewellery Arabian Notes 10

And with that, off Tonya went with the paper hand prints to make up the cufflinks, and lo and behold, just a few short weeks later the finished product was ready…

You can also have names and / or birth dates engraved on them which I had done on the reverse.

I think they’re just lovely, and the husband was impressed too and wears them with pride.

And it’s not just a great gift for Dads either – who says women can’t wear cufflinks too 😉 – but they also have bangles, necklaces, key rings and even Christmas tree decorations too! And it’s not too late to get your Christmas order in either – get in before 11th December for cufflinks and 18th December for key rings.

For more information check out their website and give them a call. And keep your eyes peeled locally too as they also attend various events around the city.