As most of you know, I love a good natural beauty product, so when I heard the new Hair Lab at Yas Mall offers a natural hair care treatment from fabulous brand Rahua, I was keen to try it out. What I actually hadn’t realised before the treatment, was that not only is Hair Lab a place to go and get all your hair problems fixed, but that they also do a full hair analysis on you first to identify any problem areas. And, Hair Lab is not just for women, they see plenty of men too looking for answers on their own hair problems. 

Hair Lab, Yas Mall Feb 2016 Arabian Notes feat.

Hair Lab is located on the ground floor of Tryano department store in the Yas Mall, right at the back of the shop, and on first glance looks like little more than another store selling hair products. I noticed a little desk in the corner, and on arrival was promptly greeted and sat down for my full hair and scalp analysis.

Hair Lab, Yas Mall Feb 2016 Arabian Notes 3

So there’s a laptop and a little machine that they affix different types of cameras to, then run those through your hair and over your scalp in order to get a good look at the current condition of everything.

Hair Lab, Yas Mall Feb 2016 Arabian Notes 1

I have to say that at first, I was a little unsettled by the results. I already know I have a sensitive scalp as it gets very uncomfortable at times (though I have found that using natural products free from chemicals has really helped), but to see it up close and magnified was not particularly pretty… :( Their technician talked me through what she saw, and how best to rectify the issues, suggesting several products I could use that would help with my specific concerns. Basically, I have a very sensitive scalp (not made easier to manage by the harsh water here), some hair fall – which is as to be expected after having had a baby, and the ends of my hair are very dry. Lucky for me then that the Rahua range is just the ticket for me! There were other products that I could also use, including some of those from brands such as Philip Kingsley, a renowned and leading Trichologist, and though many these are free of many nasties, they’re not completely natural, so I prefer to stick with those that are.

Hair Lab, Yas Mall Feb 2016 Arabian Notes 2
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So after having seen the full results of my rather horrifying hair analysis I was whisked off into a lovely little room just at the side of the store which is all set up, a sort of mini hairdressers without the scissors, to begin my Rahua Intensive Hair Mask treatment.

The treatment was brushed on throughout the hair, gently massaged into the scalp, and left to soak in for 15 minutes which felt lovely and soothing to my scalp. After a good wash and natural blow dry, I was pretty pleased with the condition of my hair. Hair Lab believe in leaving hair natural, and minimal styling so it was a pretty rough blow dry, yet my hair felt very soft and wasn’t a fluffy mess as it would have been if I’d blow dried my hair at home myself without any product!

Clearly my hair doesn’t have that celebrity silicone sheen, but that’s because it’s not coated in chemical laden silicon products, and when you consider that the Rahua products used are all natural and there was no styling, I think it’s a miracle my hair came out like this… well, I was on occasion known as the ‘Wild Woman of Borneo’ in my younger school days due to my wild hair, so hopefully that paints a picture for you as to how impressive this result actually is! :D

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Hair Lab deal with all kids of hair and scalp dramas from dry, damaged, chemically processed and weak hair to frizzy hair, coloured hair, dandruff, sensitive scalps and hair loss for both men and women. Starting with the hair and scalp analysis, they can identify your specific needs and advise you from there.

To find out more about Tryano, Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, visit their website or give them a call on 02 205 4622.