Who’s got errands that need doing? Maybe that you’ve kept putting off or haven’t found the time to get around to yet…? Well, in an exciting discovery, Mashaweer is a new company that will run all your errands for you, right here in Abu Dhabi!

UPDATE: Sadly as at Feb 2016 Mashaweer UAE is no longer running. They appear to be planning a relaunch but no news on this has been received. 

Mashaweer got in contact with me and very kindly invited me to be one of the first to try their service out in Abu Dhabi. Basically, they’re an errands company, and they promise to run your errands in just 90 minutes. They can help you with pretty much anything you can think of – paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, picking up or delivering parcels, collecting your groceries or something from the pharmacy if you’re sick or not able to get out of the house… you name it, they’ll do it for you.

As luck would have it, our car registration was due to be renewed, and in a moment of clarity I happened to remember that we could get Mashaweer to do it! I wasn’t actually sure if this was an errand we could have them run for us, but I called up to find out and they said yes! As long as I had all the required documentation and there were no outstanding penalties on the car it would be no problem. Brilliant – that’s exactly what I wanted to hear!

The service itself all ran incredibly smoothly. After speaking to them on the phone I had to email them with the details and pick up address, then shortly afterwards they emailed me back with a confirmation and order number for my job. Soon after again, the Mashaweer man turned up on our doorstep to collect all the documents and without any ado, off he went.

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t nervous. After all, we’d just handed over our car registration, Emirates ID, car insurance and the necessary cash to a complete stranger! But we had nothing to fear – it wasn’t long at all before we received an email confirmation saying our delivery had been completed and another confirming that the second part of our request was underway and the documents were all whizzing their way back to us! Pretty exciting times… we’d managed to get our car re-registered without even leaving the house! No fuss, no queuing, no waiting around, nothing. No hassle at all. What a result!

Mashaweer claim on their website that they’ll run our errands for us in just 90 minutes. Well, my errand actually counted as two since it involved a journey from my home to the car registration dept and then back again to me, but still the whole thing was completed within 70 minutes!
Impressed? Yes indeedy. Would I use them again? Hell, yes. What an awesome way to save yourself time and hassles. And it’s really very reasonable too – the prices depend on the distance travelled but you can get an exact quote online before you place your order so there’s no worries that it’ll end up costing more than you expect.

Check out their website for more information and to place your order: www.mashaweeruae.com.