By now, I think you all know of my love for Natural Skin Care for both myself and baby, so on hearing that Four Cow Farm had launched a new range – their ‘Mother’s All-Natural’ Range, I was keen to give the products a go, and excited to find this little beauty delivered to my doorstep one most fortunate day… 🙂

Four Cow Farm Mother's All Natural Range Arabian Notes 1 March 2016

The products are for those who are already mothers as well as those who are mums to be and there are three products in the range:

  • Intensive Restorative Oil
  • Daily Rich Cream Salve
  • Castille Hair and Body Wash

The Intense Restorative Oil is meant for sensitive, stressed or stretching skins so it’s a great time to start using it if you’re expecting! Sadly, for me, it’s already too late on that front but since I do have very sensitive and often dry skin, it’s still perfect to apply after a bath or shower to leave me with silky soft skin. It has a nondescript smell, it’s not fragranced except by the nature of the products that are naturally in it. You could say it certainly smells very natural – though I hasten to add it’s very non-offensive. It has that herby sort of scent to it, but it’s a smell that fades after application meaning it doesn’t interfere with your perfume or leave you wandering around smelling like a giant haystack or anything (always a bonus)!

The Daily Rich Cream Salve kind of does the same thing as the oil above, except it’s much more suitable for use other than right after you’ve hopped out of the shower. Not everyone likes an oil as it can leave marks on your clothes, but if you still want a good, thick cream to soothe dry (or stretching!) skin that will absorb more quickly then this might be the one. I really like this as a hand cream, or for anywhere your skin might be a bit rough or need some extra moisturisation – elbows, knees, feet and so on. I actually used it one night with those little moisture foot sock things – I slathered up my feet and posed the socks on for a couple of hours, it’s really perfect for that kind of at home treat sort of thing to soften up stubborn dry bits. It has the same unfragranced natural smell as the oil, but again, I find you don’t notice it after the actual application.

The Castille Hair and Body Wash is the one I was most interested to try. I do tend to be a bit sceptical of products that do more than one thing at a time, fearing that neither function will necessarily be performed at its best, but am always open to the possibility of being surprised! It’s a super gentle all natural product that you can use on both your hair and your body and has a very clean soapy smell – that’ll be the castille soap doing its thing there. I really rather like this as a shower gel as it does exactly what it says on the tin, and doesn’t dry my skin out. If you find your skin gets irritated easily by other products and chemicals, this would be well worth a try to see how you get on as it’s specially designed for that level of sensitivity. And despite my initial scepticism, I did take the plunge and try it on my hair also. And, I have to say it did feel good on my often irritable scalp. As it says on the bottle – it’s even mild enough to be used without the need for any conditioner. Well, imagine that?! But lo and behold, after doing just that I was surprised to find my hair felt really lustrous and in really good condition, there wasn’t a hint of the frizzies or fluffiness that there usually would be without a tonne of product! But… the issue I found with using it as a shampoo was erm, that I didn’t heed the instructions at first! Not believing that it could ever be possible not to need conditioner or other products, I covered my hair post-wash in my usual light (and natural) Rahua finishing cream to smooth out the ends. And that’s where the fun began – as time went on and my hair dried, it became clear that it just wasn’t drying properly at all. Instead, where I’d applied the finishing cream, my hair just kind of went sticky and hung there in lank, unwashed looking clumps. Yikes. That’ll teach me for not believing what it said on the bottle I guess! It did take me a good couple more washes to get it all out properly and start again, but I persisted with it and had some decent results after actually doing what I was meant to and not adding in any extra unnecessary products! I was honestly surprised at the great condition it did leave my hair in when I used it on its own – it’s obviously a product that really seeps in and coats the hair (in the same way unnatural silicone products do but without any of the chemicals or nasties!). That said, although this does work well when used according to the directions, it’s just not for me as a shampoo (I like using my finishing creams and serums too much), but I have happily continued using it as a shower gel.

Four Cow Farm Mother's All Natural Range Arabian Notes

All of the Four Cow Farm ranges including the Mother’s All-Natural range are completely natural and free of any nasty stuff. And as an Australian company their range is Australian Certified Organic (which is only awarded under very strict conditions and criteria as any Aussies reading will know).

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Have you tried these products yet and what did you think? Or do you have any other favourites that you can buy here in the UAE that I’ve not yet discovered?! Do let me know. 🙂