It seems like life is passing me by lately, things on the to do list never seem to get crossed off and the days are just flying past but I’m not feeling like I’m getting much done. So rather than panic about it all, I’ve sort of taken a bit of a step back to take a look at what’s going on in my life – cue a bit of a rambling post today about how and where I’m getting inspired in the city (complete with links for you too!). 

If I’m honest I’ve just not been feeling that inspired in general. I think with the baby having started nursery I thought I was going to have loads of spare time to catch up and actually get on and get things done, but so far it hasn’t worked out that way. In between dropping him off and picking him up, once I get a couple of errands done, there really hasn’t been a great deal of time in between at all. So I need to figure out a new routine and focus on it, force myself to sit down and work instead of doing all the other miscellaneous tasks that take a lot less time without a toddler in tow! So here I am today, working out of The Third Place (free WIFI, great coffee!) and hoping to cross some of the things of my list, as well as write this blog post!

I read an article recently that really helped inspire me about getting back on the right track – The 100 per cent rule: The simple advice that changed my life. You can click to read the full article, but simply speaking, it basically says that “ninety-nine per cent is hard. 100% is easy”. It’s about identifying what needs 100% of your attention in your life and giving it to those things, instead of faffing about half-heartedly with a whole bunch of things and never really getting anything done. It says the 99% is the really hard part because we’re never fully committing, and with that comes all the worry and guilt about not completing tasks and failing to meet goals – and that is something that I can definitely relate to at the moment.

I’ve also started a meditation class through Inner Space Abu Dhabi. I’ve been interested in meditation for a long time, and the last time I joined a class I was a student in Brighton with a friend. I was pretty keen, but sadly my friend was not, which resulted in a lot of distraction and a good amount of stifled nervous giggling throughout the class. Needless to say we never went back… *hangs head in shame*. But I’ve toyed with various DVDs, guided meditation apps and soothing white noise apps across the years and had varying amounts of success… I suppose I’ve just never really been convinced that I was doing it right. So in these crazy times where I seem to have barely a moment to collect my thoughts, I decided it was time to seek out Abu Dhabi’s options for meditation and see if I could finally learn a bit more about it, and inspire myself into hopefully finding some inner peace, getting that motivation back, or perhaps even realising my deepest hidden desires to put the motivation to use in achieving (high hopes, much?!). So I’d heard of Inner Space before, though all but forgotten about it, and of course on doing a google search on ‘meditation Abu Dhabi’ they popped up, with a four lessons across two weeks course in Beginners Meditation which I might add – is completely free (though they do rely on donations to keep doing the wonderful work they do). Tonight marks the last class in my course, and it’s been interesting to learn a bit more about what meditation really means, what it involves and what I need to do to along my own path in the search for enlightenment. If I’m honest, I’m still not entirely sure I know a whole lot more, but I do know how to practice and that regular practice is what it takes. It’s certainly been a great place to start for attempting to quieten my mind. I suppose it helps to put things in perspective, and most things we worry about on a daily basis really aren’t worth the time and effort we give them. The bunch over at Inner Space Abu Dhabi truly are a lovely bunch too, it’s a very warm and welcoming place and their passion for what they do shines right out of there. Go and check them out, they offer loads of other courses too including stress management, creating harmonious relationships, effective communication and lots more.

In fact all this ‘new me’ business started with me getting back into yoga. I love yoga and I recently stumbled across the perfect class for me and very close to my home at The Room. I have been loving the class and I really like the teacher too which I think is important. I love her supportive and at the same time humorous style which ensure no-one takes it all too seriously resulting in a really fun class. And I can feel that it’s making a difference too. I’m getting stronger each week and I feel uh-maaazing after the class. It’s enough to keep me excited to go back each week, I’m even looking at trying to squeeze in another class or two each week if I can – it’s been that inspiring.


And I’ll leave you with the quote above which feels very appropriate at the moment! It’s from my current favourite book to read to my son, Giraffe’s Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees 😀

If you’re looking for an inspirational kickstart I hope you’ll find some of my links useful too. Or if you have any other suggestions of where to find inspiration in Abu Dhabi, please do let me know, I’d love to hear about them!