We popped along last weekend for a lunchtime bite to eat at Fifth Street Cafe at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in the World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi… who even knew this was here?! Well, lots of people apparently since it’s been open a while, but we’d not had the pleasure until now…

Fifth Street Cafe Courtyard Marriot WTCAD Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 16
Fifth Street Cafe Courtyard Marriot WTCAD Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 8
Fifth Street Cafe Courtyard Marriot WTCAD Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 15
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It’s a good sized, airy and pleasant looking casual place with plenty of seating whether you’re there for a quick coffee or to make yourself more comfortable over any meal of the day. It’s a fairly small but well thought out menu with breakfast choices that are served all day, smaller plates, salads and more hearty meals. In addition to the salads that are listed on the menu they also serve three other special salads that change every single day.

People who are serious about their coffee (and who isn’t?!) will be pleased to see a coffee menu that includes all the favourites along with the lesser known and sometimes misunderstood flat white and ristretto…

There’s also a rather enticing display for pastries, cakes, sandwiches and daily changing salads, not to mention possibly the biggest croissants you’ve ever seen (which is important to note are all made freshly each day on the premises).

Fifth Street Cafe Courtyard Marriot WTCAD Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 1

We started off with a taster of the salads of the day – a little of each from the seafood salad, asian beef and pepper salad and a pasta salad with turkey bacon – each of them were so fresh and indeed very tasty. It’s nice to have a salad choice that is a little different to the norm, it’s always good to mix it up after all! We were also brought some of the softest and most delicious fresh bread… if you’re on a bread ban make sure you say no before it reaches your table or you just won’t be able to resist it!

Despite the fact it was lunchtime, on seeing eggs benedict on the menu that was it for me, decision easily made. I was a little concerned that it might not be filling enough for lunchtime but I needn’t have worried, it was a generous portion and absolutely a great choice – there was no skimping on the turkey bacon either which made for an excellent muffin to topping ratio 🙂

Mr. Arabian Notes was seduced by the burger and was undeniably impressed… He liked the fact that it was of decent size, was good ‘n meaty with great juicy flavours. He also commented on the fact that the onion and pickle was left on the side, providing the diner with the choice to add or not being a nice touch.

The food is simple, but very well prepared and the attention to quality and detail shines through in the finished article.

And with such an array of tempting treats on offer we couldn’t leave without trying dessert… and try we did after being presented with a trio of mouth-watering morsels!

Again, all the desserts are lovingly prepared by the chef. We tried the carrot cake, pistachio tart and German cake – none of which I would normally choose for myself but we were both impressed with all three – definitely worth saving space for, or as a cheeky afternoon reward with your coffee 🙂

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a milkshake fan so I couldn’t resist the caramel shake. It was clearly about a bazillion calories of thick, ice creamy, milky goodness, but it was totally worth it! I really wanted to try one of their ‘hardshakes’ but decided it was a bit early on in the day… next time I go back I’m totally having the salted caramel rum shake, ohhh yessss…

To find out more check out their website or just get down there, it’s a good little find and lovely new spot for a weekend breakfast or casual snack or meal whenever you’re in the neighbourhood.

Now, for the most important question of all – at what time of day does it become acceptable to order that salted caramel rum shake?! 😉