Car Wash Prices in Abu Dhabi

We tend to wash our car on an ad hoc basis, just as it needs it, and usually at spots that are most convenient for us at the time, like at the mall. I had noticed that the prices seemed to vary depending on your location in the city, so for anyone wanting to know specific locations or wondering where the cheapest and most expensive car washes in the city are, this one’s for you 🙂 

Car Wash in Abu Dhabi Jan 2016 Arabian Notes 4

Car wash prices are all based on a four-wheel drive, large car. Prices for smaller cars are usually around Dhs5 cheaper, except in the case of Dalma Mall where one charge applies to all. Prices are correct as at November 2018.

In order of price, from lowest to highest:

  • Dalma Mall – Dhs20
  • Mushrif Mall – Dhs25
  • Carrefour, Airport Road – Dhs30
  • Khalidiya Mall – Dhs30
  • Al Wahda Mall – Dhs30
  • Abu Dhabi Mall – Dhs25 for a small car, Dhs30 for a 4×4
  • The Galleria, Al Maryah Island – Dhs30
  • ADNOC Auto Wash (various locations) – Dhs35 for a small car and Dhs40 for a 4×4, price includes interior clean and vacuum
  • Yas Mall – Dhs35
  • Nation Towers Galleria – Dhs35
  • ADNOC Manual Wash (the only one I know of is on Muroor St) – Dhs45 (Dhs40 for a small car), prices include interior clean and vacuum
  • Marina Mall – Dhs40 (Dhs30 for a small car)

So there you have it, the cheapest in the city by a country mile is at Dalma Mall!

In terms of best value I’d probably have to go with good old ADNOC and their Auto Wash as you get the full works there, inside and out, though I do find it a bit of a pain to have to take time out to make a special trip just to get the car cleaned, so it’s really only when the inside of the car becomes unbearable that we use this one.

And the most expensive was the ADNOC manual wash at Dhs45 for a large 4×4 car, though we can’t really count this one as it is really a good price considering you get the full inside and out treatment along with the underside of your car cleaned too (great for after you’ve been out off-road). With ADNOC aside then, the most pricey for just an exterior wash was at Marina Mall, though I’d be interested to hear what anyone else has to say on this as I wasn’t entirely convinced that I wasn’t ripped off! I was told that it was a ‘very special’ cleaning system and many customers go there regularly because it’s so good… There was no ticket printed with the price as you do receive from the car wash guys in some of the other mall car parks so unfortunately I wasn’t able to verify!

Are there any more that you know of that I missed? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them in!


  • That is one awesome post!

    Yes you did miss something!

    The carwash outlets in Musaffah!

    They take 30 for small car and 35 for bigger car. They do it brilliantly! Inside / outside / every bit of your car.

    Much better than ADNOC’s in the city center.

  • If you have a Hertz car – you get discount at Geo Wash . you dont have to ask – they see the sign in your car and offer the discounted price – AED5 , if my memory serves me well. great info Ms AN

  • Mushrif mall offers a full cleaning service inside and out, it’s separate to the guys with the carts and is located in side the parking on the ground floor on the far right (if entered from the front entrance). I highly recommend them but unsure of the price.

    • It’s funny you should mention this as I just discovered this myself last night. Another one for me to try out and add to the list, thanks!

  • Interesting topic. As I work in Abu Dhabi but live in Dubai, I used to always avoid washing my car in AD and do it at Battuta Mall in Dubai where they charge 12 AED only. Beat that? But then I moved to live in Discovery Gardens, where you have monthly car washing companies, you pay 100 a month for your car to be washed 2-3 times a week. pretty cool. haven’t worried about washing my car in a long time. They should have such services in residential areas in Abu Dhabi.

    • That is a bargain at Ibn Battuta! Yes, they do have similar monthly services depending where you live in Abu Dhabi, residential/office towers and so on. The monthly service always seems too much to me though, I can’t imagine ever needing (or wanting!) my car washed that frequently!

  • Marina Mall is the biggest rip off (I don’t remember it being as high as 40 though) and they did the worst job ever! I even asked them to come back and do it again as it was so badly done. ADNOC with the inside vacuum is by far the best value in AD – but if I’m driving to Dubai for shopping I will always get it done up there

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t convinced by the ones at Marina Mall! With you on ADNOC though, it just takes a bit of planning to get there for me!

  • I have washed my car in almost 6 different service center in Adnoc AUH, unfortunately I disappointed every time. My car is black and they almost scratched my car with their filthy wash towels. The soap in auto machine never clean dirt. The staff not trained enough to do detailed cleaning. It’s very below average. I complained to the supervisor but they too careless and have no skills to manage their staff. When ever I drove to Dubai I always take advantage to get my car clean in ENOC service center. I will not recommend any of my friends to go ADNOC for car wash.

    I am looking for private car wash center. If any one know please forward me the location.

    • My latest favourite car wash is the Express Auto Wash on the outside of Mushrif Mall. It only takes 5 mins for an exterior wash and it’s really high quality. I’ll be updating the post to include it shortly. 😊

  • I Think Oasis Car Wash is the best car wash in Abu Dhabi. Because their exterior and interior clean is best and they have well experienced car detailing team. I always wash my car from there. Their price is valuable.Oasis Car Wash on Al maqta, Bain Al Jessrain.

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