After what seemed like a very long wait, Bounce finally hit the capital and opened back in August and now, they’ve also launched their BounceFIT classes which I have been excited about trying for ages…

I became a bit of a fan of bouncing and all things trampoline when looking for a way to exercise after Baby Arabian Notes was born that didn’t involve me having to leave the house. Aside from never having the motivation to go to the gym, I never had the time any more, and with no help at home but still keen to Bounce myself back into pre-baby shape I promptly ordered a Bellicon Rebounder and downloaded Jason Vale’s Bounce Fit app onto my iPad. And that’s where my love of bouncing for fitness began. It looked like fun, and what’s more, it is claimed by those boffins over at NASA that not only is bouncing better for you than running due to its low impact, but an hour of leaping around on a trampoline can burn an average of 1000 calories! Needless to say that was all the sales pitch I needed to give it a go! 😀 And as much as bouncing away in my lounge after Baby is in bed has been great – sometimes it is nice to get out with other people!

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 5

Sooo, as I was saying – BounceFIT has now launched at Bounce in Abu Dhabi. It’s an hour-long fitness class that they’re offering numbers times a week (check their website to find the latest schedule) and I went along last week to try it out.

I was excited to give it a go, but also a bit nervous. I mean, I already knew from a bit of home bouncing that it could be quite hardcore. I think the first week after I bounced every day my muscles hadn’t known what hit them – but that’s what we want isn’t it?! To know that it’s working?! So I was a bit nervous, especially as it was no longer just me, there was now a super fit instructor in front of me leaping around and cracking the whip to make sure I didn’t slack off! And crack the whip he did – if anyone was caught cheating we had to begin the count again for whichever exercise it was we were in the midst of… groan! I can honestly say that I found muscles that night that I didn’t know existed, but the workout was still such a lot of fun!

After what felt like hours of punishment our instructor announced that we’d only completed 10 minutes… Oh.My.God. I think for that moment I thought I might actually not make it out alive..! But then I’m not sure what happened, but somehow the time passed in a flash, and before I knew it the class was over.

The class consisted of a good mix of warm up bouncing, lunges, push ups and other common exercises but all made more interesting (not to mention much harder) by the addition of the unsteady trampoline surface. Each member of the class gets their own trampoline (more than one person to a trampoline is not allowed) so you can also always be sure you’ll have plenty of space around you with no-one getting their salute to the sun all up in your business (now there’s a relief).

Boot camp schmoot camp I say. If you want to get fit fast and have excessive amounts of fun, then this could be life changing.

Classes cost Dhs80 each and need to be booked 12 hours in advance. Find out more online at