Since my recent trip to the UK I’ve been finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things, I don’t know if it’s finding our routine again, or post-holiday blues, but news that Bounce Abu Dhabi was finally opening was just what I needed to literally bounce me back into action! Everyone loves a good bounce on a trampoline and there’s nothing faster to forget your cares and bring a smile to your face than leaping around like a kid again!
I was invited to attend the launch party last night and am excited to say that as of today, August 3rd 2016, Bounce Abu Dhabi is officially open to the public! Here’s the lowdown:

Bounce Abu Dhabi 2016

The biggest in the UAE and so much more than a trampoline park, Bounce has a zip line, an 18m freefall leap of faith, a 40m slide with over 70 degree drop, two dodgeball courts, a 5.5m infinity wall for those who feel like learning the art of wallrunning and so much more!

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 4

There’s the very first Supertramp that is four times the size of the normal tramps for budding jump-stars, a low place and a high place to practice your tight-rope walking skills complete with airbags to catch you when you fall.

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 3

Every jumper receives special grippy socks to wear with sticky non-slip bits on the undersoles as part of the initial entrance fee…

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 7

Then you can literally bounce off the walls in the place, and with plenty of knowledgeable ‘Bouncers’ in place to keep you safe, they’ll happily teach you their tricks to get you airborne in no time!

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 2

What else can I say? I’ve been excited about the opening of this for aaaages, and now it’s finally here, hurrah! Go, get down their yourself and join the fun. The free jumping revolution is here!  Adrenaline activities optional… I myself managed the zip line, but couldn’t bring myself to take the 18m leap of faith that followed! Maybe next time…?!?!

Oh yeah, and one more thing, as if you needed anymore encouragement to try it out – but according to NASA, just 10 minutes on a trampoline is better for you than 30 minutes running, RESULT! 😀

Bounce Abu Dhabi Arabian Notes 2016 5

You’ll find Bounce at Marina Mall, the entrance is on the first floor and it’s open every day from 10am to 10pm (til 12pm on Thurs and Friday nights).
For adults its Dhs80 for your first time as this includes the price of the socks, and Dhs70 after that.
Kids aged three and up to 110cm in height can join the fun for Dhs70 on the first time (including socks) and Dhs50 after that.

Check out the Bounce website for more info.
Bounce is also set to open in Al Ain very soon!