At long last, Abu Dhabi’s infamous ‘bridge to nowhere’, the behemoth Hudayriat Bridge has finally opened… And what lies on the other side is another exciting new opening for the capital – Al Hudayriat Beach.

On crossing the bridge, aside from the beach there’s still nothing else there yet, though there are signs of development starting and by all accounts it is set to be quite impressive when works finish and as the island develops.

Bike tracks are already painted on the roadside from the Abu Dhabi Island side of the bridge and 5km and 10km cycling and walking tracks are already in place – along with a parking lot that indicates they expect the beach to be a VERY popular spot.

As well as being the newest place in the capital to enjoy the beach, there are also facilities for kayaking, diving and jet-skiing along with a cordoned off safe-swimming area. Lifeguards are also on duty. Of course toilets and shower facilities are in place also.

It was crazy hot on the morning I visited so I’m afraid I don’t have photos of everything, but there is also a great kids play area (two separate very colourful structures) built on the sand at the far end of the beach and food truck berths adorn the beachside road (with permanent electricity docks set up – this is evidently part of a long term plan) with several food trucks already in situ.

There’s currently no sectioned off ladies area as there is at Al Bateen Beach, nor a dedicated family area so dress with this in mind when visiting.

The waters are the famous crystal clear blue waters of Abu Dhabi, with almost impossibly white powdery sand that is much softer than that at Al Bateen.

Already hosting its first 5km and 10km fun run this Thursday, May 31st at 10pm it certainly looks like this is a beach that plans to be about much more than just basking on the sand. It’ll be interesting to see how it all develops and what new events and facilities arrive in time, I’ll keep the post updated.

The beach is free to enter. Follow them on instagram at @alhudayriatad for the latest updates.