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Hello! I’m Lindsey Parry, a Brit – or Scot, to be precise. I’m a writer, media gal, blogger, wife, international woman of mystery and a mum to one.

I write for those who live here in the United Arab Emirates and for those of you who are thinking (or dreaming!) of moving here too. I’ve lived in the UAE since 2006 and I love it! I’m now based in Abu Dhabi after having started out in Dubai and have heard all sorts of opinions and been asked all sorts of questions about living here, so this blog is for those who share my passion and interest for life in the UAE.

I’m here to share an insight into what it’s all about, with everything from reviews, things to do, thoughts on life and culture, travels within the UAE and beyond and more…

If you want to know more about how I got here read ‘How I moved to the UAE’.

Questions, questions

If you’ve got a heap of questions, check out Expat Life for subjects including Reasons we love the UAE, Frequently asked Questions about Living in the UAE, Life in Abu Dhabi for information from some of the folks who live here too and A Question of Culture for my response to what people at home ask me about the customs, culture and traditions here.

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…And if you’re a long time resident you might get a giggle from You know you’ve lived in the UAE a long time when…!

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Of course, for any other burning questions or general enquiries please feel free to contact me via email at:


If you’re interested in my other published work and in working with me, take a look at my work with me page.