I started the blog in October 2003 during a period of reflection on my life at a time when my Dad was terminally ill. I didn’t know at that time what it was going to be, but from musings on my own life in Abu Dhabi, along the way Arabian Notes was born.

Arabian Notes is for anyone with an interest in life in the UAE, for those visiting Abu Dhabi or thinking about moving to the UAE, as well as those who are already here.

I write about life as an expat in Abu Dhabi, answering questions people might have about living in or visiting the capital, sharing my favourite aspects of the city and things to do, thoughts on life and culture and more.

And long since a passion of mine, travel is a huge part of expat life so you’ll also find plenty of focus on travelling around the region and internationally too.

About Me

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I am an expat travel and lifestyle writer living here in Abu Dhabi. I have always loved to travel and had always dreamed of living overseas so in 2006 I took the leap and accepted a job in Dubai, leaving the life I knew in the UK behind and marking the start of my first expat experience.

After fortuitously finding an opportunity in Dubai just as I left London, my partner at the time followed me to the UAE and we were married in Dubai on Jumeirah Beach in 2008.

Since then, we have moved from Dubai to Brisbane, Australia and from there back to the UAE, this time to Abu Dhabi where we have now lived happily since 2013 and where our son was also born in 2015.

We still love to travel and though our style of travel may have changed throughout the years (we prefer our home comforts and wherever possible travel in style these days) we get away as often as we can.

Questions about UAE life? Start here:

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