A Luxury Afternoon with DISCOVERY Loyalty

We seem to be members of every hotel loyalty card programme there is going. Since we are fairly frequent travellers, it makes sense to sign up for the various loyalty programmes as you usually get benefits like free wi-fi or room upgrades just for doing it, and that’s before you’ve even started collecting any points. I was aware of DISCOVERY Loyalty since we’d signed up for their programme to get the free room upgrade when we stayed at the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Hotel a couple of years ago, though I don’t think we’ve used the programme since, and I had really just assumed that it was just an Anantara loyalty programme. So when I was contacted recently by the company and invited out to enjoy a luxury experience with them and one of their partner properties, Emirates Palace, I soon learned that it’s not just an Anantara loyalty programme – it’s a whole lot more that you’ll really want to know about. Read on my friend, read on… Continue reading A Luxury Afternoon with DISCOVERY Loyalty

Natural Skin Care Products in the UAE: Four Cow Farm

By now, I think you all know of my love for Natural Skin Care for both myself and baby, so on hearing that Four Cow Farm had launched a new range – their ‘Mother’s All-Natural’ Range, I was keen to give the products a go, and excited to find this little beauty delivered to my doorstep one most fortunate day… 🙂 Continue reading Natural Skin Care Products in the UAE: Four Cow Farm

8 Things to Do in Muscat

8 Things to Do in Muscat:
Muscat, beautiful Muscat… a great place to relax for a break, but also a fabulous place to explore! Here’s 8 things to do while you’re there… Continue reading 8 Things to Do in Muscat

Short Break: Al Bustan Palace, Muscat

Muscat is such a great destination for a weekend break from the UAE. At only 45 minutes away by plane, it’s just so easy to get to and is so beautiful whether you want to get out and explore or relax and do nothing at all.

We spent a lovely long weekend recently at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel (a Ritz Carlton Hotel) in Muscat, which has to be – in terms of service, one of the best hotels we’ve stayed in to date…

Short Break Al Bustan Palace Muscat Arabian Notes 2016 4 Continue reading Short Break: Al Bustan Palace, Muscat

Online shopping, Abu Dhabi

Online shopping is something many of us miss from home. It’s just so much easer there isn’t it? And there are so many more options. Well, over the years here more and more online companies have been popping up, and while this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that exists at our fingertips here in the UAE, it’s a list of a few of the best (all web links are in the company title headers).
Continue reading Online shopping, Abu Dhabi

The Truth about Life in the UAE

What everyone wants to know – here it is – the truth about living in the UAE: Continue reading The Truth about Life in the UAE

My hopes and dreams in review

I talked in my first ever blog post about how I’d learned about far off places that ignited my desire to travel, but that at those tender ages, I could never imagine realising those goals of visiting such exotic and far flung places. When I thought about it then I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever be able to travel to many of the places I dreamed of.

I was relaxing one evening in a hotel in Singapore last year, trying to get over a horrible cold after tramping the pavements in fervent sightseeing, checking my twitter when I came across a tweet about Singapore from Sea Salt Secrets. I referenced the post in my blog about my trip to Singapore and thought it was a happy coincidence at the time, but after having had a good nose around her site and feeling totally inspired by her ‘leap list‘, it occurred to me that all these years later how many of my own ‘leaps’ or dreams I’ve managed to make a reality – and without actually always realising it at the time, often it’s only been when I’ve looked back I’ve realised or remembered something was once a seemingly far off dream. Of course there’s still plenty more on the list yet to be achieved but here it is – my own personal list of dreams that started in my own mind way back when and I’d never thought to record until Sea Salt Secrets inspired me to do so.

Continue reading My hopes and dreams in review

Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: What People Think vs The Truth

I hear a lot of things from people who don’t live in Abu Dhabi about what people think about the city, and more often than not their ideas couldn’t be further from the truth. So here it is – Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: what people think vs the truth. Continue reading Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: What People Think vs The Truth

3 Things to Do in Ras Al Khaimah

As it turns out I think Ras Al Khaimah is a bit of a silent beauty. Not just for the fabulous hotels and resorts that offer luxury breaks, but also for the amount of historical and cultural sites it hides away. The Emirates of the UAE are indeed fascinating places to be explored, if only you look beyond the surface. Read on for three of the things to do that I most enjoyed during my recent stay in the Emirate.

Continue reading 3 Things to Do in Ras Al Khaimah

Natural Skin Care Products in the UAE – Part 5

More natural skin care products – this post has been a long time coming – I can certainly say that every product within this post has been well and truly tried and tested since I’ve been using them now since before Christmas! So here goes… Continue reading Natural Skin Care Products in the UAE – Part 5

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